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  1. Sean Copus
    6 years ago

    Hello Matthew

    Thank you for your Email, Very Interesting but like a lot of thing’s i get sent, Who do you Trust, Having had my Fingers burnt more than a few times by people recommeding products to try most are B S, So how can i trust you, There is so much Push Button BULL SHIT out there, I only trust those that i can speak to now.
    I tried to contact Stuart Ross but have had no reply, Only reply was pay Hundreds of dollars to be apart of SFM Model which is great but out of my price range, And to be honest all I would be doing is increasing his List, So not mush help there.
    So can you help me, I hope so!!. I’m Disabled and have to work from home, They stopped my benifits because of a medical i had that said there is nothing wrong with me, So a mircail happened over night, after 19 years i not in pain, i was dreaming!!, No money can’t pay the bill’s and I’m facing house Repossion. I have been looking online for a while to find the write situation for me Time is something that i have plenty of. Just need to be able to trust the write people.
    Kind Regards

    Sean Copus


    Hope to hear from you.

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